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In hospitality, customer service is paramount. AVR understands that delivering to rising expectations means providing state-of-the-art video conferencing for hotels and virtual meeting spaces for teleconferences and video chats, while empowering employees to utilize technology to efficiently do their job. And for guests, we implement streaming digital media signage. Virtual concierge services in kiosks and over video systems seamlessly integrate messages and directions into the guest experience. The whole system can be run from one central location using our building management and control systems.

AVR expertise has helped many stadiums large-format video displays for stadiums and sound design projects in the most challenging environments. We work with sports and entertainment facilities to design, build and support cutting-edge video solutions that engage and educate the audience. We understand how to keep our eye on the ball, and focus on the experience rather than the gadgets. AVR knows sound systems and video displays for all types of rooms from the gaming floor to entertainment stages and night clubs. We want to make the gaming and entertainment experience amazing with those who visit casinos.

PROJECT » Marriott Camelback Inn

The Marriott Camelback Inn reconstructed a completely new ballroom from the ground up and renovated existing rooms attached to the ballroom. To repurpose the existing audio and video system for the resort and to preserve budget, AVR stored the system for the duration of construction, augmented its functionality and later reinstalled it. Installed in each room as well as the pre-function area were 6” touch screens, microphone and CAT5 connections for audio and video purposes. In the main Lodge, AVR installed touch screens and ceiling speakers as well as in-ground speakers in the front of the resort. Also installed was a camera in the kitchen that connected to a TV in the main waiting area for the entertainment of arriving guests.

Hospitality / Arena / Gaming Projects: