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In hospitality, customer service is paramount. AVR understands that delivering to rising expectations means providing state-of-the-art video conferencing for hotels and virtual meeting spaces for teleconferences and video chats, while empowering employees to utilize technology to efficiently do their job. And for guests, we implement streaming digital media signage. Virtual concierge services in kiosks and over video systems seamlessly integrate messages and directions into the guest experience. The whole system can be run from one central location using our building management and control systems.

AVR expertise has helped many stadiums large-format video displays for stadiums and sound design projects in the most challenging environments. We work with sports and entertainment facilities to design, build and support cutting-edge video solutions that engage and educate the audience. We understand how to keep our eye on the ball, and focus on the experience rather than the gadgets. AVR knows sound systems and video displays for all types of rooms from the gaming floor to entertainment stages and night clubs. We want to make the gaming and entertainment experience amazing with those who visit casinos.

PROJECT » ASU Wells Fargo Arena

The Arizona State University wanted to update the entire sound system at the Wells Fargo Basketball Arena, which was out of date and no longer providing a clear audio experience during games and events. The project included:presets to time align the speakers for different modes of operation, game mode - speakers aligned with the presentation point in the center of the arena, addressing audio quality to achieve a high volume with dynamic range and a clear fidelity. With no acoustic treatments, a large space with a large amount of sound energy, such as the arena, can easily become a whirlpool of echos and bouncing around sound waves, performance mode - speakers time aligned with the presentation point at one end of the arena where a stage can be set up for performances, presentations, speeches.

Danley Audio provided speaker clusters that focused sound energy in 8 defined zones. Their innovative speaker enclosures use technologies that allow the sound waves to be aimed, guided and controlled.

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