Control Room / Emergency Operation Centers

AVR provides well-designed and integrated control rooms, emergency operation centers and broadcast rooms which give a comprehensive overview of independent information sources and provides the situational awareness that enables operators to make quick decisions that affect the organization and its stakeholders. AVR understands how to integrate video technology into the decision-making process in industries as wide-ranging as aerospace, military, telecommunications, federal, state, municipals, city councils and local governments or transportation services.

AVR provides the video communication technology in the background so that our tech industry clients can bring their message to the foreground. We provide the video-conferencing systems and live video streaming to environments required to facilitate collaboration. Along with providing leading-edge products and services, we create greater efficiencies and streamlined processes that lead to greater results.

PROJECT » Cable Shopping Network The Coin Vault

AVR engineered and installed two projects for The Cable Shopping Network. The first was a studio and upgrade in their Scottsdale location. This project went so well that The Cable Shopping Network decided to use AVR again to complete a high-definition studio for The Coin Vault in Franklin, Tennessee. This project was large scale, technically challenging with several major design changes. AVR designed, conceptualized and implemented every aspect of this control room, lighting and studio set.

This installation was located in Franklin, TN. AVR had to not only install studio equipment but coordinate with the fiber system provider for data communication or live TV broadcast to satellite uplink, but also coordinate cross-country for HVAC, studio set design and lighting. Service/Support/Management Provided AVR provided on-site project management, installation and programming. AVR has an ongoing service plan that provides routine service, special rates and special pricing for upgrades.

Control Room / Emergency Operation Centers Projects: